Frequently asked questions on Instagram

To make it easier for potential customers to enter into correspondence with you, a section with frequently asked questions on Instagram, which are offered to the user at the start of the dialogue. The function allows the user to receive a prompt auto-answer to his question, and for you – to save time on processing messages.

In Guestpostlistly, this tool is called “Introductory Messages” and in addition to the standard functionality that is available in the Instagram application, Guestpostlistly also provides statistics on each issue. This allows you to analyze the choice of users or quickly change / correct questions.

What are introductory messages

Introductory messages are a list of frequently asked questions, when clicking on which, the user gets an immediate answer. You write the questions and answers yourself. This feature is only available for business accounts . Questions are offered only at the start of a new dialogue. A user with whom there has already been a correspondence in Direct will not be shown any questions.

The convenience of introductory messages is that the user does not need to wait for an answer to his question, and for the account owner, it saves time, since the process of answering questions of the same type is automated.

Who needs introductory messages: examples

The function is relevant for companies and bloggers. For example, a store using introductory messages can increase the number of sales , because a potential customer does not need to wait for an answer to the question “What is your address?” or “What are the opening hours for the store?” He gets an answer immediately and is ready to come shopping.

Or, for example, in the store there is a special offer for the 3rd item as a gift when you buy 2 items from a new collection. You add this news to introductory messages. The client might not even know about the promotion and went to ask another question, but after seeing the information, he may decide to buy. Thus, with the help of introductory messages, you can not only reduce the workload of managers (operators), but also be used for marketing purposes.

If you run contests with a subsequent prize draw, use introductory messages to automate the processing of questions in Direct on this topic. And after the competition, replace the questions covering the information on the results. For instance:

  • Who won the draw?
  • How was the winner determined?
  • Where can I find a summary record?
  • Will there be more contests soon?

For bloggers, you can use introductory monetization questions. For instance:

  • How much does an ad in a post cost?
  • How much does advertising cost in stories?
  • Where can I see the statistics?
  • Do you work on a barter basis?
Life hack: if Direct often receives a question that cannot be answered in the same way, for example, about the cost of services, you can ask one more clarifying question in the auto answer, and then use templates for quick answers. You can read more about templates here .

How to customize introductory messages in Guestpostlistly

In Guestpostlistly, you can not only set up and run frequently asked questions, like on Instagram, but also get statistics on them. It will help to analyze which questions are popular and help relieve managers (operators), and which ones are left unattended – they can be replaced with confidence. If you do not know what questions to add, we recommend that you mark the dialogs with tags . With their help, you can easily highlight a number of other questions that are most often sent to Direct. They can be used in introductory messages.
On the ” Direct ” tab , click on the icon with three dots – “Introductory Messages”. Select the account for which you want to activate this type of messages and click “Activate”. If you have not yet connected to Direct in Guestpostlistly, then you can do it according to the instructions here .

After activation, specify up to 4 questions (this limitation is related to the Instagram policy). The maximum length of questions is 80 characters. Next, write down the answers to the questions. It will be sent automatically. The maximum response length is 500 characters.

Introductory messages can be edited, deleted and reordered (to do this, use the “up” – “down” arrows).

To view statistics on questions, click on the icon in the form of a diagram on the right above the preview of introductory messages. Introductory messages will also be taken into account in the overall statistics of dialogues, tags and response rates. Introductory messages are not taken into account in the workload by the hour.
Introductory messages are a function that is useful to two parties at once. For the account owner, it saves time and relieves managers (operators), and allows the user to get an answer to his question without tedious waiting. Additionally, introductory messages help to avoid spelling mistakes that managers can make under high workload.

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