How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Tools for makeup brushes are the most simple and effective method of applying beauty products. There are brushes to suit almost every kind of makeup and, if properly used they will help you achieve the desired look using accuracy. The drawback? You’ll need to clean them frequently.

Cleaning them will not only remove any leftover products, but it can also remove bacteria and germs which could trigger a breakout or an infection. Here are some guidelines to keep your beauty brushes correctly.

When to Clean Makeup Brushes

The frequency of cleaning brushes for makeup is contingent on the frequency you use them as well as the kind of makeup products you use. If you wish to eliminate the buildup off your brushes so that they are able to hold and allow you to apply your favourite makeup product easily you should clean them every week. If you’re required to use the same brush for applying various makeup products, you may require cleaning or rinse and dry between applications. Tools used for cream-based or liquid makeup also need to be washed more frequently.

What to Use

If you’re searching online for beauty products it’s not difficult to find products to remove makeup specially designed for brush cleaning. Before you purchase a product make sure to check if they’re suitable for your particular kind of bristles (i.e. natural bristles vs. synthetic bristles). It is also possible to utilize warm water instead but it could take longer to wash them with soap and detergents.

If you’re planning to clean your tools, you can try the baby shampoo with hot water. If you’re looking to keep your tools clean you can apply some ruby alcohol.

How to Get Started

There are several ways to cleanse your makeup brushes. Remember that some brushes require a gentle hand, while some are more robust and can take a bit more abuse. You might want to test several different ways to see which you like best and which ones work most effectively for your arsenal. Here are some options to think about:

Dab Method

This will require filling the bowl with water, and adding your cleaning solution. Dab your brushes gently against the sides and the bottom of the bowl to eliminate the substance. The water will begin to become dirty , based on how much buildup of the product was present on the brushes. Pour the water out and refill the bowl numerous times until your brushes wash clean.

Spray Method

If you’re just disinfecting your brushes or simply want to wash them off, then you can opt to apply a solution of water and detergent. Brush your brushes lightly against a clean towel to get rid of the remaining solution and product. This is best done when your brushes aren’t overly filthy or haven’t got an excessive amount of buildup.

Silicone Cleaning Mats

Mats made of silicone with rough textures are specifically designed to clean makeup brushes of all angles, sizes and shapes. The bumps and ridges of the mat allow your brushes to open up, allowing for the cleaner to reach all of the bristles. You can also wash the mat without difficulty once you’re finished.

Rinsing Makeup Brushes

It’s equally important to wash your makeup brushes just as it is cleaning them using soap. The cleaning solution or soap used can degrade the brushes when left on them for too long , or not washed properly. Make sure to run your brushes under warm water until they turn clear and you don’t see any suds or soap bubbles. It is also possible to blot them with plain water after cleansing.

Drying Makeup Brushes

Drying your tools helps them maintain their angles and shapes , so they can apply makeup with precision. It also prevents the bristles from getting damaged. It is possible to dry makeup brushes using a gentle blotting onto a soft cloth and then taking off any excess water. Set them on the cup and lay them out on a cloth for 24 hours, allowing them to dry in the air. Do not throw away brushes that are in a state of water.

Storing Clean Makeup Brushes

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried your brushes after which you are able to store them. It’s crucial to keep your brushes in a safe place because it ensures they keep their form and aren’t damaged. Keep brushes on vanity shelves in a cup which is upright.

It is also possible to place them flat in an open drawer. Prior to doing this, ensure that they are spaced to ensure they’re not touching or at risk of being crushed. If you’re travelling with your makeup brushes, keep them in a case that keeps them secure.

If you are a fan of applying new makeup and you use your favourite makeup brushes and tools regularly it is essential to learn how to properly clean and care for the brushes. This guide will assist you in keeping your brushes in good shape and functioning well to last for an extended time and help you maximise the use of the brushes.

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