The Truth About BMW Financial Services USA

bmw financial services usa

BMW Financial Services USA is a company that specializes in leasing, financing, and insurance for luxury vehicles. After breaking ground in the automotive industry back in 1967, this company has since expanded its services to include customer cars and trucks as well. BMW Financial Services Overview If you’re shopping for a BMW, you’re probably considering … Read more

Best Child Protective Services in USA

Child Protective Services in USA

Child Protective Services in USA exist to protect children from abuse and neglect. This article offers to highlight 10 CPS offices who provide the best services in America. 10 Child Protective Services Who Provide The Best Services In America There are many different Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies across the United States. Each state has … Read more

Accessing Research Information in Africa

Accessing Research

Joy is an experienced award-winning Founding Director, skilled in team building, management, data analysis, and business strategy. She has experience in Research Capacity, Higher Education, Research Analytics, and Donor and Government Relations. She is the Executive Director of the Training Centre in Communication, based at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. The centre provides capacity support in … Read more

NLP Series: Speeding up academic writing

NLP Series

Writing is key to science. Whether it is journal articles, book chapters, reports or conference proceedings, most research is communicated through written texts. For most researchers however, writing takes up more time and effort than they would like. Fortunately, we now have Writefull: a tool that uses the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to speed … Read more

Steve Scott Reflects on his Digital Science Journey

Digital Science Journey

Steve Scott is our Director of Portfolio Development. As a member of the founding management team, Steve has been involved in the majority of Digital Science’s portfolio investments, taking founders through product and business model validation to launch and growth. He also oversees the Catalyst Grant award, a twice-yearly award of up to £15k ($25k) … Read more

Accurately Analysing Diversity in Research


We have released two reports looking at gender representation in research. The first report looked at gender imbalance in cancer research funding and types of cancer research being carried out, while the second report revealed an interactive tool to visualise gender balance in researchers across all UK institutions. The findings of this second report reinforced the need for days … Read more

What Can We Learn From Ten Million US Patents?

US Patents

The ten millionth US Patent will be granted on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. Is this just another number, or a true milestone for intellectual property? It depends who you ask. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (UPSTO), “The issuance of patent 10 million is an exceptional milestone. It is a timely and … Read more

3 reasons to play Slope Unblocked Game

Slope Game Unblocked

The online game “Slope” unblocked is an 3D continuous running experience that includes simple controls, lightning-fast speeds and an extremely addictive game. Slope games that are unblocked is an activity which is played out like an unblocked ball that is moving down. The online game “slope unblocked” is an exciting 3D continuously running experience with … Read more