What is a digital avatar on Instagram and how to create one

Instagram has an opportunity to create your own virtual double – a unique digital avatar, an analogue of Memoji. While the avatars are in testing, they are promised to be rolled out to all users soon in the form of stickers for stories and Direct. It is assumed that personal avatars are the first steps towards creating the metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg wants to build.

How to create and customize a digital avatar on Instagram

You can create an avatar on any type of account – personal, business or author. With it, you can repeat the appearance of the owner, for this a large selection of facial features, hairstyles, clothes and accessories is offered.

  1. Go to the Instagram app – “Settings”.
  2. Select the section “Account” – “Avatars”, click “Start”.
  3. Set the appearance of your avatar by sequentially moving through the tabs: choose skin color and facial features, hairstyle, headdress and accessories. For the body, there are much fewer settings than for the face, you can only choose a physique from a small number of options and clothes.
  4. When finished, click “Finish” – “Save Changes”.

If you need to change the created avatar or delete it, go to “Avatars” and change the appearance. To delete, click on the urn icon.

How to use a digital avatar on Instagram

A virtual version of yourself can be used as stickers on Instagram, Facebook and messengers, shared in stories, placed instead of a standard profile avatar .
While digital avatars on Instagram are in testing, some features may be temporarily unavailable for some users.
How to use an avatar in Instagram stories
Proceed to create stories and upload photos/videos.
Click on the sticker icon and find “Avatar”.
Choose the right sticker with your digital character and add it to stories. Publish.
How to use an avatar in Direct Instagram
Go to the desired dialog in Instagram Direct.
In the message typing field, click on the sticker icon – “Avatar” ;.
Choose a ready-made sticker with the image of your digital twin and send it in a private message.
How to use a facebook avatar

Unlike Instagram, Facebook’s virtual avatar is already available to almost all users without restrictions. It can be added to messages and comments, published in posts, put in the profile avatar and status.

On Facebook, a virtual character is created similarly to Instagram. You need to go to the “Menu” and select “Avatar”. Then follow all the same steps to make the avatar as similar as possible to yourself. Once created, the Avatar tab will have access to all the actions that can be performed with your avatar.

There is no avatar synchronization between Instagram and Facebook yet, so you need to create different characters for each platform. However, Meta promises to develop its avatars further, provide more features, including synchronization using the Account Center .

So far, digital avatars are not at all like exact copies of people, but more like a Sims game. However, Mark Zuckerberg is serious about creating his own metaverse, perhaps in the future avatars can be used not only for entertainment, but also for business purposes.


  • Instagram avatars are still at the testing stage and you can’t use them almost anywhere, unlike Facebook avatars.
  • Avatars are part of the Meta universe.
  • In the future, it is planned that avatars can be used in virtual communication. He can also act as the face of a profile on a social network.

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